Pre block on the first enterable block because this

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Unformatted text preview: hen-Validate-Item at form level, because the message will appear on the message line and must be acknowledged by the user. F. Pre-Block on the first enterable block, because this can also be used to set global variables and initialize any parameters needed. Answer: D QUESTION 92: Exhibit: The Name text item is subclassed from a property class. Which two statements are true about the Keyboard Navigable property of the Name text item whose Property Palette is shown in the exhibit? (Choose two) A. It is a variant property. B. It is a default property. C. It is a changed property. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 D. It is an inherited property. E. It was inherited from the property class. If the value of Keyboard Navigable changes in the property class, it will change in the Name item also. F. It was inherited from the property class and has been changed from the value in the property class. G. It was not inherited from the property class and has been modified from the default Keyboard Navigable value for a text item. H. It was not inherited from the property class and is the default Keyboard Navigable value for a text item. Answer: A,F QUESTION 93: In a multiform application, the Customers form invoked the Orders form using a When-Button-Pressed trigger behind the CONTROL.Orders_Btn button. This button has the Mouse Navigable property set to No and the following trigger code: OPEN_FORM('Orders'); The user updates a customer's telephone number and clicks the button, causing the Orders form to appear. The user queries orders for the customer that is being viewed in the Customers form and changed the QUANTITY of one of the products ordered. The forms are arranged so that both are visible at the same time. Which users clicks the CUSTOMERS.Cust_Email text item in the Customers form, which four triggers can fire? (Choose four) A. When-Validate-Item in the Orders form. B. When-Form-Navigable in the Orders form. C. When-Form-Navigable in the Customers form. D. When-Windo...
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