The associated database message is ora 00904 invalid

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Unformatted text preview: a generic alert called DB_Alert to display the messages. You begin to code an On-Error trigger to trap the FRM-40505 error that occurs when the SQL statement references an invalid column name. The associated database message is "ORA-00904: Invalid column name", and this is what you want to be displayed in the alert. You create a form-level On-Error trigger with the following code: DECLARE - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 n Number BEGIN IF ERROR_CODE = 40505 THEN SET_ALERT_PROPERTY('DB_Alert',ALERT_MESSAGE_TEXT, DBMS_ERROR_CODE); n: = SHOW_ALERT('DB_Alert'); END IF; END You run the form to test it. What will the run-time behavior be when the FRM-40505 error code is encountered? A. The alert called DB_Alert appears with the message "ORA-00904: Invalid column name". B. The alert called DB_Alert appears, but not with the correct message. C. The alert does not appear, and the FRM-40505 message appears in the message line. D. The alert does not appear, and the message "ORA-00904: Invalid column name" appears on the message line. E. The alert does not appear, and the message "FRM-41039: Invalid Alert ID 0" appears on the message line. Answer: B QUESTION 164: You are developing a Human Resourced application, and you create an Employees button in the Departments form. The When-Button-Pressed trigger calls the Employees form to display the employees in the current department. You have set the Employees button properties so that navigation to the button does not occur. The Validation Unit property of the Departments form is set to item. You want to ensure that the Department ID is valid prior to calling the Employees form, even if the user has updated the Department ID and has not navigated out of that item. The Department_Id item has a When-Validate-Item trigger that performs some complex validation logic. What code in the When-Button-Pressed trigger would force the When-Validate-Item trigger to fire for the Department_Id item without navigating form the item? A. ENTER; B...
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