These triggers have been defined at form level pre

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Unformatted text preview: g 1Z0-141 The Orders form consists of a single-record master block (ORDERS) and a multirecord detail block (ORDER_ITEMS). These triggers have been defined at form level: Pre-Form, Pre-Block, Pre-Record, Pre-Text-Item, Post-Block, Post-Record, Post-Then-Item, When-New-Form-Instance, When-New-Block-Instance, When-New-Item-Instance. At run time, the focus is in the Sales Rep Id Text Item in the Order block when the user selects a check box in the ORDER_ITEMS block that has its Mouse Navigate property set to Yes. In what sequence will the trigger fire? A. Pre-Form, Pre-Block, When-New-Block-Instance, Pre-Record, When-New-Item-Instance, Pre-Text-Item B. Post-Text-Item, Post-Record, Post-Block, Pre-Block, Pre-Record, Pre-Text-Item C. Post-Record, Post-Block, Pre-Record, Pre-Block, When-New-Block-Instance, Pre-Text-Item, When-New-Item-Instance D. Post-Text-Item, Post-Record, Post-Block, Pre-Block, Pre-Record, When-New-Block-Instance, When-New-Item-Instance E. Post-Text-Item, Pre-Record, Pre-Block, Post-Block, Post-Record, When-New-Item-Instance F. Post-Block, Post-Form, Pre-Form, Pre-Block, Pre-Record, When-New-Item-Instance Answer: D QUESTION 103: The database EMPLOYEES table has a foreign key constraint referencing the DEPARTMENTS table. You are developing a Human Resourced application. HR clerks use the Employees form to query, update, and insert employee records. They occasionally attempt to add an employee who is a new department that has not yet been entered into the database. When this happens, they receive an error indicating that the parent record cannot be found, so they cannot commit the employee record. The HR clerks have requested that you place a button on the form to enable them to invoke the Departments form to enter the new department and save it independently. Then they want to be able to return to the Employees form and decide whether or not to save the new employee record. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 How should you code the When-Button-Pressed...
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