You open the layout editor for the canvas on which

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Unformatted text preview: _STATUS has been added to the ORDERS table. You want to update the Order Entry form to display the additional data. You open the Layout Editor for the canvas on which items from the Customers, Orders, and Order_Items blocks are displayed. You use the text item tool to create a new text item on the canvas, then open its Property Palette and set the Name property to ORDER_STATUS and the Column Name property to Order_Status. When you run the form to test it, you receive the error "FRM 40505 ORACLE error unable to perform query". What could be the cause of this error? A. You did not change the default value for the Data Type property of the Order_Status text item. B. You did not modify the WHERE clause of the Orders block to include the ORDER_STATUS column. C. You did not change the default value for the Database Item property of the Order_Status text item. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 D. You did not select the Orders block from the block poplist in the Layout Editor prior to creating the item. E. You did not define the Column Name in uppercase so that the column value can be retrieved from the database. Answer: D QUESTION 114: Assuming they are all syntactically correct, which three lines of code are valid to use in the PL/SQL code of a menu item? (Choose three) A. SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY('Order',ORDER_BY,'Customer_Id'); B. :Order_status := 1; C. EXECUTE_TRIGGER('my_trigger'); D. IF NAME_IN('Orders.Order_ID') = 100 THEN ... E. :global.Customer_id := :customer.customer_id; F. WHILE x < :orders.order_id LOOP ... Answer: A,C,D QUESTION 115: You are developing an application for use by meteorologists. Form1 contains a list of item based on a query of cloud types that are stored in a database table. Users can add cloud types to the list by typing in new values that are automatically inserted to the database table. Form1 calls Form2, which contains an identical list item. You do not want to requery the database to obtain the list of cloud types. Which...
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