You open the layout editor of the orders form and

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Unformatted text preview: orresponding State item to the Customers block of the Orders form. You open the Layout Editor of the Orders form and create a list item on the canvas in the Customers block. In the Property Palette for the list item, you change the Name property to State and the Database Item property to Yes. You then open the Elements in List property and add some state abbreviations and names to the list, as shown in the exhibit. When you run the form to test it, after selecting a value from the list and clicking Commit, you receive an FRM error. Its corresponding database error is the following: ORA-01401: inserted value to large for column What should you do to correct this problem? A. Have the DBA increase the column width in the database. B. Change the List Style property for the State item to Tlist. C. Change the List Style property for the State item to Combo Box. D. Set Initial Value for the State item to one of the elements in the list. E. Set Mapping of Other Values for the State item to a two-letter state abbreviation. F. Change the elements in the list of the State item so that the list elements are the state names and the list element values are the state abbreviations. Answer: F QUESTION 64: You want to standardize the appearance of certain text items in a particular form, so you create a Visual Attribute called TEXT_ITEM_VA and define values for all of its properties. Which four properties can you set by applying TEXT_ITEM_VA to the items? (Choose four) A. Width B. Height C. Prompt D. Font Weight E. Fill Pattern F. Font Spacing G. Foreground Color Answer: D,E,F,G QUESTION 65: You want to create a calculated item in the Control block of the Human Resourced form. This item will contain the total of employee salaries for employees in a particular department. Which statement is true about how to create the calculated item? A. You can create it by first creating a text item and then changing the item type. B. You can create it in the Layout Editor using a special tool that creates a calculated item. C. You can create it by first creating a display item and t...
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