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Unformatted text preview: ered: 1000 Query All Records: No E. Query Array Size: 0 Number of Records Buffered: 1000 Query All Records: Yes - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 Answer: D QUESTION 128: Exhibit: You are running a form in debug mode, but you have not set any breakpoints in the code. You click the button that invokes the code shown in the exhibit. While the code executes, you decide to examine the variable values in the loop. Which menu items in the Forms Builder Debug menu would you choose? A. Stop, Debug Windows > Variables B. Pause, Debug Windows > Variables C. Stop, Debug Windows > Forms Values D. Pause, Debug Windows > Form Values E. Step Into, Debug Windows > Variables F. Step Into, Debug Windows > Form Values Answer: B QUESTION 129: You are running a multiple-form application. The Customers form calls the Orders form. When the Orders form launches, it displays orders for only the active customer from the Customers form. Forms exchange data with the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable. You need to modify the Orders form so that it displays the active customer's orders initially and can later be used to display orders from any customer. Which two tasks must you perform? (Choose two) A. Remove the call to the EXECUTE_QUERY built-in in the Orders form's When-New-Form-Instance trigger. B. Remove all the references to the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable in the Pre-Query trigger of the Orders form. C. Remove from the Orders form all references to the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable that is currently used to exchange data between the forms. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 D. In the Customers form, set the ONETIME_WHERE property of the Orders form to refer to the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable, and then invoke the Orders form. E. In the When-New-Form-Instance trigger of the Orders form, set the block property of the Orders block to refer to the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID for the ONETIME_WHERE property, and then call the EXECUTE_QUERY built in. Answer: B,E QUESTION 130: You need to resi...
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