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Unformatted text preview: the overlay canvas is the first canvas listed under this node. E. Change the stacking order of canvases under the Canvases node in the Object Navigator. Ensure that the overlay canvas is the last canvas listed under this node Answer: A - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 QUESTION 183: Exhibit: You are developing a form for a family-oriented video store. The form will run in query-only mode in a customer kiosk to show information about movies that are available to rent. The Rating item in the Movies block of the form shown in the upper portion of the exhibit displays the rating of the movie: G, PG, R, or X. Your customers are not interested in all these values, but they do want to see if the film is rated G to indicate that it is suitable for the whole family You decide to change the item to a check box to be displayed as shown in the lower portion of the exhibit You want users to be able to query any movies, but only those with a G rating will have the check box selected. You change the item type of the Rating item to Checkbox and set its Label, Value When Checked (G), and Prompt properties However, when you run the form to test it and execute an unrestricted query, only those movies with a rating of G are displayed. What do you need to change so that all movies are returned by the query and the check box properly shows the "For the Whole Family" rating? A. Set the Initial Value property of the Rating item to G B. Set the Value When Unchecked property of the Rating item to null C. Set the Checkbox Mapping of Other Values property of the Rating item to Checked D. Set the Checkbox Mapping of Other Values property of the Rating item to Unchecked E. Set the Update Allowed, Insert Allowed, and Delete Allowed Properties of the Movies block to No F. Change the item type You cannot use a check box for this application because there are more than two possible values for the item Answer: D QUESTION 184: You are developing a customer information application for a pay television company. The customer's home telephone number...
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