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Unformatted text preview: is used as the account number for the customer. Clerks must be able to update the telephone number in case of changes or data entry errors. A data entry clerk will typically open several forms from the Customers form that are synchronized with - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 the currently selected customer using a global variable containing the telephone number. Although you also need to modify the other forms, what two triggers should you code in the Customers form to keep the forms synchronized in case the data entry clerk updates the telephone number or selects a different customer? (Choose two.) A. Pre-Query B. Post-Query C. Key-Next-Record D. When-New-Record-lnstance E. When-Validate-ltem for the phone number item F. When-New-ltem-lnstance for the phone number item Answer: D, E QUESTION 185: In an Order Entry form, the Order_Items block has a text item called Shipping_Date, which is of the Date data type The Lowest Allowed Value and the Highest Allowed Value properties are not defined for this item. Assuming that all of the following are defined, which three are valid settings for the Initial Value property of the Shipping_Date item? (Choose three.) A. $$DBDATE$$ B. : Orders.Order_date + 3 C. SYSDATE D. :GLOBAL.SHIP_DATE E. :PARAMETER:SHIP_DATE F. ORDER_ITEMS_SEQ Answer: A, E QUESTION 186: To centralize some of your processing, you decide to write PUSQL library modules that contain procedures that can be called from form triggers or menu items. You need to populate some fields based on values in other fields. Which code do you use? A. IF FIND ITEM I 'ORDERS. order total' I > 10000 THEN FIND_ITEM('ORDERS.large order')' :="Y'; MESSAGE ('WARNING- large order!); END IF; B. IF :ORDERS.order total > 10000 THEN :ORDERS.large order :="Y'; - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 MESSAGE ('WARNING- large order!); END IF; C. IF 'ORDERS. Order_total' > 10000 THEN :ORDERS.large order :="Y'; MESSAGE ('WARNING- large order!); END IF; D. IF :ORDERS.order_total> 10000 THEN COPY ('ORDERS. large_order') ; MESSAGE ('WARNING- large order!); END IF; E. IF NAME_IN ( 'ORDERS. Order_total' ) > 10000 THEN COPY ('Y' ,'ORDERS. large_order') ; MESSAGE ('WARNING- large order!); END IF; Answer: E - The Power of Knowing...
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