Form you still get the frm 40100 message when you

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Unformatted text preview: to_char(message_code) | '-' || message_text); END IF; When you test the form, you still get the FRM-40100 message when you press the Up key while the cursor is in the first record. Your custom message does not appear. What correction can you make so that the code functions properly? A. Change all occurrences of message_code, message_type, and message_text to error_code, error_type, and error_text. B. Eliminate the to_char function because message_code is a varchar2 value. C. To keep the remaining code from executing, add after the second line: RAISE FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE; D. Change all occurrences of message_code, message_type, and message_text to DBMS_error_code, DBMS_error_type, and DBMS_error_text. Answer: A QUESTION 58: You are writing a Forms application, and you plan to include several JavaBeans. What should you do to facilitate the communication between Forms and the JavaBeans? A. Write Java wrapper classes to integrate the JavaBean into Forms. B. Use the FBEAN PL/SQL package and its built-ins to register and invoke the JavaBeans. C. Add a special layer of Java code to register the properties and methods of the JavaBeans. D. You do not need to use any built-in package or write any code to integrate JavaBeans into forms. Answer: B QUESTION 59: Order entry clerks use the Orders form to enter the shipping date of an order. Once the shipping date has been entered into the database, the clerks are not allowed to modify it. What property can you set in the Property Palette for the Shipping_Date item to ensure that this data entry - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 restriction is enforced? A. Enabled B. Database Item C. Update Allowed D. Insert Allowed E. Update Only If NULL Answer: E QUESTION 60: Why would you want to create a control block in a Forms module? A. To control all items in other blocks that are not base table items. B. To control relationship between a master block and its detail block. C. To control the way additional forms are opened and to track the call stack. D. To control navigat...
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