Rgno creategroupfromqueryregions select name country

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Unformatted text preview: y, id from regiontable'); D. rgno := CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY('REGIONS', 'select name, country, id from regiontable') E. rgno := CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY('REGIONS', 'select name, country, id from regiontable'). F. rgno :- POPULATE_GROUP_WITH_QUERY('REGIONS', 'select name, country, id from regiontable'); G. You cannot populate a non-query Record Group with the results of a query. Answer: F QUESTION 17: You are a developer in the IT department of a municipal utility. You have been tasked with integrating two applications that are already in production. The first application is a customer management system. Its main form is the Customers form, in which utility clerks enter and update customer information. The second application is a GIS application. One of its forms, the Address form, enables clerks to enter an address, click a button, and have the address verified and property formatted according to postal standards. You need to add a button to the Customers form that will pass the customer address to the Address form and receive the properly formatted address back. A variable of the user-defined type Addr_Typ will contain the address information to be passed back and forth between the two users. Which method of sharing data will you use? A. Global variables B. Global record group C. Parameters D. Shared PL/SQL library E. There is no method of sharing data that enables you to use a variable of a user-defined type. Answer: D QUESTION 18: Consider the following scenario: In a multiform application, the user started in FormA. 1. From FormA, the user invoked FormB using CALL_FORM. 2. From FormB, the user invoked FormC using OPEN_FORM. 3. From FormC, the user invoked FormD using OPEN_FORM. 4. From FormB, the user invoked FormE using CALL_FORM. There is an additional form in the application, called FormF. Which statement is true? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 A. FormF can be invoked from FormC using CALL_FORM. B. FormF can be invoked from FormA using OPEN_FORM. C. FormF can be invoked f...
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