A emctl b dcmctl c ocactl d opmnctl answer d question

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Unformatted text preview: . any user that has the Allow account management privilege Answer: A QUESTION 58 You are working on Oracle Application Server 10g. Which command-line utility does Oracle Corporation recommend for starting or stopping an OC4J instance? A. emctl B. dcmctl C. ocactl D. opmnctl Answer: D QUESTION 59 You created an OC4J instance using a command-line utility. You need to verify that the OC4J instance has been created. Which command-line utility would you use? A. emctl B. dcmctl C. oidctl D. ocactl Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Answer: B QUESTION 60 Identify the uses of Oracle Identity Management. (Choose all that apply.) A. It is used to store user information centrally. B. It is used by OracleAS Web Cache to retrieve user information. C. It is used by OracleAS Single Sign-On to authenticate user information. D. It is used by Oracle database to authenticate database users while accessing the database. Answer: A,C QUESTION 61 Using Delegated Administration Services (DAS), which task can you accomplish? A. manage OracleAS Single Sign-On server B. manage Oracle Internet Directory processes C. register applications that are created using OracleAS Portal D. manage user and group entries in Oracle Internet Directory (OID) E. monitor system components in an Oracle Application Server 10g installation Answer: D QUESTION 62 You added a new data source specification to the data-source.xml file. You then restarted the Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) server instance. What could be the reason for restarting the OC4J instance? A. The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) tree needs to be re-created. B. The web.xml file needs to be parsed again to instantiate the DataSource objects. C. The orion-web.xml file needs to be parsed again to instantiate the DataSource objects. D. The data-sources.xml file need to be parsed again to instantiate the DataSource objects. Answer: D QUESTION 63 You are working on an Oracle Application Server 10g installation. You want to shut down all Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) managed processes for the local Oracle Application Server instance but not the OPMN itself. What would you do? A. execute the opmnctl reload command B. execute the opmnctl stopall command Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 C. execute the opmnctl stopproc command D. execute the opmnctl shutdown command Answer: C QUESTION 64 You are working as an Oracle Application Server administrator. The Human Resources (HR) department has informed you that the documents relating to HR policies are stale. You find that the updated documents are already uploaded to the Web site. You also find that caching rules are in place and you need to fix the problem immediately. What would you do to present the correct version of HR-related documents to the employees? A. request the documents so that they get refreshed in cache because of the default expiration rule B. request the documents in cache so that they are marked as invalid, and then restart the Web Cache C. invalidate the documents in cache to remove them from the cache so that they are reloaded o...
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