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Unformatted text preview: e styles. Answer: B QUESTION 80 You are configuring OracleAS Single Sign-On (SSO) Server so that it is accessible via SSL. Which script/file would you use to enable SSO Server Login/Logout and Administration pages to be accessible via HTTPS. A. ssocfg.sh B. ossoca.jar C. ossoreg.jar D. ssooconf.sql E. reRegisterSSO.sh Answer: A QUESTION 81 In your existing Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you observe that the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) error log file, error_log, is available in the location set in the ServerRoot directive. Because the location set in the ServerRoot directive is running out of space, you want to place the error_log file in a different location. Which directive would you use to place the file in another location? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 A. PidFile B. ErrorLog C. AccessLog D. TransferLog E. CoreDumpDirectory Answer: B QUESTION 82 As an Oracle Application Server administrator, you started the Application Server Control console. View the Exhibit and examine the commands. What is the effect of executing these commands? A. Application Server Control is not single sign-on enabled. B. Provides HTTPS browser access to Application Server Control. C. Only the root user is able to start and stop the Application Server Control console process. D. Access to Application Server Control is enabled through your Web browser by using the nonsecure HTTP protocol. Answer: B QUESTION 83 You plan to create an OC4J instance using a command-line utility. Which command-line utility would you use? A. emctl B. dcmctl Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 C. oidctl D. ocactl E. opmnctl Answer: B QUESTION 84 You are deploying a Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application with the following details: The name of the Enterprise Archive (EAR) file is mktsal.ear. There are three Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) instances: home, inst1_OC4J, and inst2_OC4J. All the three OC4J instances are in the same instance bi.edtdr6p1.us.oracle.com. You executed the following command to deploy the application: dcmctl deployApplication -i bi.edtdr6p1.us.oracle.com -file mktsal.ear -a mktsal In which OC4J instance would the application be deployed? A. only home B. all the three C. only inst1_OC4J D. only inst2_OC4J Answer: A QUESTION 85 You have installed Oracle Application Server 10g Infrastructure on a host machine, prod-serv.us.oracle.com. You have not changed the port numbers that OracleAS components are using and they are as follows: Oracle HTTP Server port = 7778 Oracle HTTP Server Listen port = 7777 Oracle Internet Directory port = 3060 Oracle Internet Directory (SSL) port = 3131 Application Server Control port = 1810 Oracle Net Listener = 1521 Which URL would you use to access the Delegated Administration Services (DAS) Web site? A. http://prod-serv.us.oracle.com:7778/oiddas B. http://prod-serv.us.oracle.com:1810/oiddas C. http://prod-serv.us.oracle.com:7777/oiddas D. http://prod-serv.us.oracle.com:1521/oiddas E. http://prod-serv.us.oracle.com:3060/oiddas Answer: C Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 QUESTION 86 View the Exhibit and examine...
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