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Unformatted text preview: eason for the portlet not being visible? (Choose two.) A. The web cache is not cleared. B. The portlet data source has become invalid. C. The connection entries in the dads.conf file are modified. D. The status of the associated portlet provider is set to offline. Answer: B,D QUESTION 119 You deploy a Web application with the following details: WAR file name: techmac.war Host name: Application Server Control Port: 1810 OC4J Instance name: techOC4J Oracle HTTP Server Listener port: 7777 You executed the following command to deploy a Web application: dcmctl deployApplication -file techmac.war -a techmac -co techOC4J -rc /tech/techmac Which URL would you use to access the Web module? A. B. C. D. E. F. Answer: D QUESTION 120 You are required to ensure that the OC4J_MyApp instance does not appear in the System Components list on Application Server Control Console, and must not be a part of the opmnctl status command output. What would you do? A. stop the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance by using Application Server Control B. disable the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance by using Application Server Control C. stop the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance by using the opmnctl command-line utility D. manually delete the OC4J_MyApp OC4J instance name from the opmn.xml configuration file - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Answer: B QUESTION 121 You added a new portlet to an existing provider. The provider name is User Data. When you try to add the same portlet to the NORTH_SALES portal page, you notice that the portlet is not available and is not listed in the Available Portlets page in the portlet repository. Which two actions could you perform to view the newly added portlet? (Choose two.) A. refresh the portlet repository B. refresh the User Data provider C. refresh the NORTH_SALES portal page D. refresh portal objects as per the directions given in the portlet repository refresh log E. refresh the portal page group to which the NORTH_SALES portal page belongs Answer: A,B QUESTION 122 As an Oracle Application Server administrator, you plan to install OracleAS Infrastructure. Before starting the installation, you created a staticports.ini file containing component names and port numbers. You specified the full path to the staticports.ini file on the runInstaller command line. What could be the reason to create the staticports.ini file and use it in the installation? A. You want to run the installer remotely. B. You want to run the installer in silent mode. C. You want to use this file instead of portlist.ini file. D. You want to assign nondefault port numbers to the components during the installation. E. You want to unassign these port numbers for the components that are...
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