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Unformatted text preview: swer: C Explanation: StartServers: Number of servers to start initially. If you expect a sudden load after restart, set this value based on the number child servers required. Default Value: 5 MaxSpareServersand MinSpareServers Server-pool size regulation. Rather than making you guess how many server processes you need, Oracle HTTP Server dynamically adapts to the load it sees, that is, it tries to maintain enough server processes to handle the current load, plus a few spare servers to handle transient load spikes (for example, multiple simultaneous requests from a single Netscape browser). It does this by periodically checking how many servers are waiting for a request. If there are fewer than MinSpareServers, it creates a new spare. If there are more than MaxSpareServers, some of the spares die off. The default values are probably ok for most sites. Default Values: MaxSpareServers: 10 and MinSpareServers: 5 Ref.: Oracle(r) Application Server Performance Guide QUESTION 13 Exhibit: - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 View the Exhibit and examine the contents of the portlist.ini file. You changed the password for the portal schema in the infrastructure database by using the ALTER USER SQL command. You are able to connect as portal to the infrastructure database. You use the following URL to access the associated OracleAS Portal instance, but you are not able to log in as user portal: http://host.domain:7778/pls/portal Which two causes could be the reasons for you not being able to log in? (Choose two.) A. Incorrect port number is specified in the URL. B. The password for the PORTAL_PUBLIC schema is not modified. C. The Portal User Profile portlet is not used to modify the portal user's profile. D. The portal schema password in Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is not changed. E. The connection information in the Database Access Descriptor (DAD) is not updated. Answer: D,E Explanation: The method for changing schema passwords in the Metadata Repository varies by schema. Some schemas store their passwords in Oracle Internet Directory ;you must change their passwords using the Application Server Control Console so that both Oracle Internet Directory and the database are updated. To u se the Application Server Control Console, navigate to the Application ServerHome Page for the middle-tier instance that uses the PORTAL schema .After you change the password, restart Oracle HTTP Server and OC4J_Portal: In the home page for - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 the instance, select HTTP_Server and OC4J_Portal and click Restart. Ref.: Oracle(r) Application Server Administrator's Guide QUESTION 14 You are creating a transport set to export a page group. The FINANCE_APP application is listed as an external object in the Transport Set Objects page. You require this FINANCE_APP application to be exported along with rest of the objects in the page group. What would you do? A. promote the FINANCE_APP application as an explicitly selected object B. specif...
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