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Unformatted text preview: f portlist.ini file. D. You want to assign nondefault port numbers to the components during the installation. E. You want to unassign these port numbers for the components that are currently running on these ports. Answer: D - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 QUESTION 31 You execute the following command in your Oracle Application Server 10g installation to start the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Server Instance with a new instance ID: $ oidctl connect=infra server=oidldapd instance=1 start The command does not error out. But while trying to locate the server instance using the Process Status (ps) operating system utility, you realize that the instance has not started. What could be the reason? A. The OID Listener process has not started. B. The OID server processes have not started. C. The Oracle HTTP Server process has not started. D. The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Monitor process has not started. E. The Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control page has not started. Answer: D QUESTION 32 Which two statements are correct regarding OracleAS Certificate Authority (OCA)? (Choose two.) A. OCA stores the certificates in the single sign-on (SSO) server. B. OCA can be used for issuing user certificates as well as server certificates. C. OCA automatically publishes SSO-authenticated client certificates in Oracle Internet Directory (OID). D. The Administration page of OCA can be used for changing the OCA Web Administrator password. E. OCA can be used for generating certificate requests that can be submitted to external certificate authority (CA) services. Answer: B,C QUESTION 33 Exhibit: - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Soon after the installation of OracleAS Infrastructure 10g, you used Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) to check the status of the processes. View the Exhibit and examine the processes. Which statement regarding the infrastructure instance is true? A. The instance is down, because the logloader process is down. B. The instance needs to be restarted, because the logloader process is down. C. The instance is functional, but the logloader process is not started by the installer. D. The instance is up, but the logloader process is down because of an error that occurred while data was being read from a log file. Answer: C QUESTION 34 Exhibit: View the Exhibit and examine the server mapping for unnamed site. Which statement regarding the server mapping for unnamed site is true? A. You should always use the same port number for the site and the origin server. B. You can use the wildcard character * in the Port Expression field to map the port to different sites. C. You should give a higher priority to the mappings that use the wildcard character * to encompass a broader scope. D. You can use the wildcard character * in the Host Name field to map multiple site names to one or more application Web servers or proxy servers. - The Power of Knowing 1Z...
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