Before creating the site you want to confirm that the

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Unformatted text preview: d are indicated by filled check boxes. Answer: B QUESTION 52 In your existing Oracle Application Server 10g installation, you want to create a website using OracleAS portal that uses Single Sign-On (SSO) for user authentication. Before creating the site , you want to confirm that the SSO module is supported in your installation. Which two files can you refer to to confirm that the SSO module is supported in your installation? (Choose two.) A. the file B. the access_log file C. the access.conf file D. the sso_apache.conf file E. the oracle_apache.conf file Answer: D,E QUESTION 53 As an Oracle Application Server Administrator, you would like documents to be delivered faster. What are the two file types that you would compress to reduce overall latency? (Choose two.) A. all text files B. all HTML files C. all executable files D. all the files zipped using WinZip E. all image files (GIF, JPEG, BMP, and so on) Answer: A,B QUESTION 54 You configured G Mail as an external application on OracleAS Single Sign-On server, using the following values: Login URL: Username/ID Field Name: login Password Field Name: passwd h - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Type of Authentication Used: POST Field Name: persistent Y Field Value: [off] Which statement regarding the "Type of Authentication Used" field is true? A. Browser submits login credentials in the application URL. B. Browser submits login credentials as part of the login URL. C. Browser submits login credentials within the body of the form. D. Browser uses this configuration only if it is used with partner applications. Answer: C QUESTION 55 View the Exhibit and examine the processes. Which statement regarding the OracleAS Web Cache component is true? A. The logloader process must be started before starting the WebCache process. B. The OracleAS Web Cache component is started, because one of the processes is alive. C. The Web Cache administration page cannot be accessed, because one of the processes is not alive. D. The administration page can still be accessed although the OracleAS Web Cache component is down. Answer: D - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 QUESTION 56 Which two statements are correct regarding user certificates? (Choose two.) A. Oracle Wallet Manager uses only user certificates and not trusted certificates. B. A user certificate always includes the digital signature of the issuing certificate authority (CA). C. User certificates do not validate other user certificates, except when they are used as trusted certificates. D. For each certificate request, multiple user certificates can be installed in the same wallet at the same time. Answer: B,C QUESTION 57 You created a user, USER01, in Oracle Internet Directory (OID). When the user accesses the directory using the Delegated Administration Service (DAS) Web page, which user does DAS use to log in to OID on behalf of the user? A. a proxy user B. the orcladmin user C. the ias_admin user D. the same as the end user E...
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