C it can be modified only by a user who is

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Unformatted text preview: ted the Viewable option for the employeenumber directory attribute. Which statement regarding this attribute is true? A. It cannot have null values. B. It can be modified by any user even if that user is not authenticated. C. It can be modified only by a user who is authenticated. D. It can be used to search user information in Oracle Internet Directory (OID). E. It can be set by DAS administrators only and viewed by the user and the administrator. Answer: E QUESTION 46 You are trying to access a partner application on Oracle Application Server. Because you are not authenticated, which component displays a username and password page that prompts you to supply this information? A. partner application B. the mod_osso module C. Oracle Internet Directory D. the Single Sign-On server Answer: D QUESTION 47 You require a certificate for your Web server. Which tool would you use to create a certificate request? A. OCA User pages B. Oracle Wallet Manager C. Application Server Control D. Oracle Enterprise Security Manager Answer: B QUESTION 48 You have installed Oracle Application Server 10g infrastructure and you have not changed the port number that OracleAS components are using. You have also not configured OracleAS Web Cache. By default, which port number would you use in the URL while accessing the Delegated Administration Services (DAS) Web site? A. the same as the Oracle Net Listener port number B. the same as the Oracle Internet Directory port number C. the same as the Application Server Control port number D. the same as the Oracle HTTP Server Listen port number E. the same as the Oracle Internet Directory Secured Socket Layer (SSL) port number Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Answer: D QUESTION 49 You deployed a Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application, newsched.ear, on the host, edtdr6p1.us.oracle.com, and tried to access the provider test page by using the following URL: http://edtdr6p1.us.oracle.com:7777/newsched/providers You received the response "403 Forbidden". What is the reason for this message? A. The Web provider is empty. B. The port number used in the URL is busy. C. The access to the provider test page is disabled. D. The application deployment was not successful. Answer: C QUESTION 50 You deployed a Web application on an OC4J instance by using Application Server Control Console. Which configuration files in the OC4J instance would be modified to define the configuration for the Web application? (Choose all that apply.) A. server.xml B. ejb-jar.xml C. default-web-site.xml D. internal_settings.xml Answer: A,C QUESTION 51 Exhibit: Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 View the Exhibit and examine the system components. What would happen if you want to start all the processes and you click the Start All button? A. All the processes are stopped and started together. B. Only the processes that are stopped will be started. C. This will not work because some processes are already started. D. All the processes that are starte...
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