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Unformatted text preview: tance, revoke the OCA Web administrator's certificate, generate a new certificate request using wallet manager, stop OC4J for the OCA instance, and then receive a new certificate from OCA Answer: C QUESTION 145 Identify the characteristics of OracleAS Single Sign-On. (Choose all that apply.) A. It is a component of the OracleAS middle-tier installation. B. It uses Oracle Internet Directory (OID) to authenticate users. C. It uses Single Sign-On SDK to enable the single sign-on functionality. D. It is a component of OracleAS Identity Management infrastructure. E. It uses the mod_osso module to provide authentication to the OracleAS applications. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Answer: B,D,E QUESTION 146 Using Delegated Administration Services (DAS), which task can you accomplish? A. manage OracleAS Single Sign-On server B. manage Oracle Internet Directory processes C. register applications that are created using OracleAS Portal D. manage user and group entries in Oracle Internet Directory (OID) E. monitor system components in an Oracle Application Server 10g installation Answer: D QUESTION 147 You are an Oracle Application Server administrator in an online bookstore company. The following are some of the pages that belong to the bookstore's Web site: You want to define Web Cache expiration rules for pages in the Web site. You discovered that a programmed expiration policy is not available for any of the pages. For which pages would you define an expiration rule using the Create Expiration Rule window? A. A, B, and C B. A, B, and D C. both A and B D. both C and D E. all four pages Answer: D QUESTION 148 You want to stop the OracleAS Infrastructure instance on which you are working. Which is the appropriate method to do it? A. Stop the database listener and then OracleAS Infrastructure instance processes. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 B. Stop the metadata repository database, database listener, and then Application Server Control. C. Stop the Application Server Control, OracleAS Infrastructure instance processes, metadata repository database, and then database listener. D. Stop the database listener, metadata repository database, OracleAS Infrastructure instance processes, and then Application Server Control. Answer: C QUESTION 149 You are using Oracle Internet Directory (OID) to store user information that is being used by Oracle Application Server components for authentication. You want to search and modify the information for a user named STEVE. Which Directory Information Tree (DIT) attribute would you use to search for the user in Identity Management Realm? A. orclUserObjectClass B. orclCommonUserSearchBase C. orclCommonGroupSearchBase D. orclCommonUserNickNameAttribute Answer: B QUESTION 150 While testing an OracleAS Portal instance, you received the following error: Error: Could not open Web cache connection. (WWC-40019) You want to check if the error has occurred because the OracleAS Web Cache invalidation port value in OracleAS Portal is different from the actual OracleAS Web Cache invalidation port. Which file on the middle tier would you examine to check the portal settings for the OracleAS Web Cache invalidation? A. cache.xml B. portal.conf C. iasconfig.xml D. portalReg.xml Answer: C QUESTION 151 You need to save a certificate request in a file system directory by using Oracle Wallet Manager. What would you do? A. export the certificate request B. use the File > Save As option C. import the certificate request and save it D. upload the certificate request to the Directory Service - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Answer: A QUESTION 152 One of the users in your Oracle Application Server 10g installation, USER01, complains that the following error occurs while accessing the Delegated Administration Services (DAS) home page: Your password has expired. Which two tools can you use to change the password for the user USER01? (Choose two.) A. Oracle Wallet Manager B. Oracle Directory Manager C. Oracle Single Sign-On Server D. Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Self Service Console E. Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Answer: B,D - The Power of Knowing...
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