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Unformatted text preview: . For the parent Oracle HTTP Server process you want five child processes to be always running. In addition to this, you want to restrict the number of requests that are handled simultaneously by the child processes to 20. Which options would you use to achieve this objective? (Choose all that apply.) A. MaxClients 20 B. StartServers 5 C. MaxSpareServers 5 D. MinSpareServers 10 E. MaxRequestsPerChild 20 Answer: A,B Explanation: MaxClients: Specifies a limit on the total number of servers running, that is, a limit on the number of clients who can simultaneously connect. If the number of client connections reaches this limit, then subsequent requests are queued in the TCP/IP system up to the limit specified with the ListenBackLog directive (after the queue of pending connections is full, new requests generate connection errors until a process becomes available). The maximum allowed value for MaxClients is 8192 (8K). Default Value: 150 StartServers: Number of servers to start initially. If you expect a sudden load after restart, set this value based on the number child servers required. Default Value: 5 Ref.: Oracle(r) Application Server Performance Guide QUESTION 11 Exhibit: - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 You are deploying a Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application using Application Server Control Console. View the Exhibit and examine the fields for which you provide the information. What is the significance of selecting a Parent Application? A. to share services, such as EJBs among multiple applications B. to identify the instance in which the application is to be deployed C. to maintain uniformity in the URLs of all the J2EE applications deployed so far D. to allow all the users of the parent application to access the application you are deploying Answer: A Explanation: When you deploy an application using the deployment wizard, the application is deployed to the OC4J instance and any Web application is bound to a URL context so that you can access the application from OC4J, you also can designate a parent application. A child application can see the namespace of its parent application. Thus, setting up an application as a parent is used to share services among children. The default parent is the global application. The parent application must already be deployed to be seen in the pull-down menu. Ref.: Oracle(r) Application Server Containers for J2EE User's Guide QUESTION 12 In your Oracle HTTP Server configuration file, you have configured the following directives as: - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 StartServers 10 MaxSpareServers 20 MinSpareServers 15 Which statement is true? A. Twenty child processes would be running at any given point in time. B. Only 10 child processes would be running at any given point in time. C. Initially, the parent process would start 10 child processes, but later it would start additional child processes to maintain the value specified for MinSpareServers. D. Initially, the parent process would start 15 child processes, but later it would start more child processes automatically to reach the value specified for MaxSpareServers. An...
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