While accessing das which source does das use to

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Unformatted text preview: s used by Oracle database to authenticate database users while accessing the database. Answer: A,C QUESTION 130 In your Oracle Application Server 10g installation, Delegated Administrative Service (DAS) is functional along with OracleAS Single Sign-On (SSO). While accessing DAS, which source does DAS use to authenticate users? A. the mod_osso module B. Oracle Internet Directory C. Directory Integration Services D. OracleAS Certificate Authority Answer: B QUESTION 131 You execute the following command in your Oracle Application Server 10g installation to start the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Server Instance with a new instance ID: $ oidctl connect=infra server=oidldapd instance=1 host=edtdr5p1.us.oracle.com start Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 The command does not error out. But while trying to locate the server instance using the Process Status (ps) operating system utility, you realize that the instance has not started. What could be the reason? A. The OID Listener process has not started. B. The OID server processes have not started. C. The Oracle HTTP Server process has not started. D. The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Monitor process has not started. E. The Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control page has not started. Answer: D QUESTION 132 Exhibit. While creating a group using Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Self Service Console, you selected the "Make this group privileged" option and Group Visibility as Public as shown in the Exhibit. What would this result in? A. It will result into an error because this option cannot be selected if Group Visibility is Public. B. The group will be successfully created and you can selectively assign privileges to this group. C. The group will be successfully created and members of this group will have full Delegated Administration Services (DAS) privilege. D. The group will be successfully created and three privilegesllow group creation, Allow group editing, and Allow group deletionill be granted by default. Answer: B QUESTION 133 You are working on the bi.edtdr5p1.us.oracle.com instance. You deployed a Java 2, Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application on an Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) instance. You also configured the data source used by the application, which is mapped to an Oracle database . The new data source specification is added to the data-sources.xml file. What would you do to make the new data source available for lookup? A. restart the OC4J server instance B. restart the Oracle database instance C. add the data source to the web.xml file also D. add the data source to the orion-web.xml file also E. restart the bi.edtdr5p1.us.oracle.com instance F. add the data source to the application.xml file also Answer: A QUESTION 134 You installed Oracle Application Server 10g middle tier with installation type as Portal and Wireless. Which two options could you use to confirm whether Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is installed and functional? (Choose two.) A. access the httpd.conf file B. use the opmnctl status command C. use the dcm...
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