It has at least one certificate request with key size

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Unformatted text preview: ity Management Guide to Delegated Administration QUESTION 25 You can export a wallet to a file system only if _____. A. it has at least one certificate B. it does not contain a certificate request that is pending C. it has at least one certificate request with key size 1024 or more D. it is already uploaded to a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory Answer: A Explanation: Note that Oracle Wallet Manager supports storing multiple certificates in a single wallet, yet current browsers typically support only single-certificate wallets. For these browsers, you must export an Oracle wallet that contains a single key-pair. Ref.: Oracle(r) Application Server Administrator's Guide QUESTION 26 You are an Oracle Application Server administrator. You want to delegate the administration of users in Oracle Internet Directory to Mark. To which three groups should Mark be added? (Choose three.) A. Edit User B. Edit Group C. Delete User D. Create User E. Create Group F. Delete Group G. UDDI Replicators Answer: A,C,D QUESTION 27 You are using Oracle Internet Directory (OID) to store user information that is being used by Oracle Application Server components for authentication. You want to search and modify the information for a user named STEVE. Which Directory Information Tree (DIT) attribute would you use to search for the user in Identity Management Realm? A. orclUserObjectClass B. orclCommonUserSearchBase C. orclCommonGroupSearchBase - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 D. orclCommonUserNickNameAttribute Answer: B QUESTION 28 You installed Oracle Application Server 10g middle tier with installation type as Portal and Wireless. Which two options could you use to confirm whether Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is installed and functional? (Choose two.) A. access the httpd.conf file B. use the opmnctl status command C. use the dcmctl getstate command D. use the Oracle HTTP Server Welcome Page E. use Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Answer: B,E QUESTION 29 You are an Oracle Application Server administrator. You plan to install OracleAS Infrastructure but you find that some other Oracle products are already installed on the computer. What would you do to avoid any installation problems that might arise due to the products that are already installed? A. comment the entry in oratab and oraLoc files B. remove the settings for TMP and DISPLAY variables C. rename the existing components in oraInventory D. remove the settings for ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables Answer: D QUESTION 30 As an Oracle Application Server administrator, you plan to install OracleAS Infrastructure. Before starting the installation, you created a staticports.ini file containing component names and port numbers. You specified the full path to the staticports.ini file on the runInstaller command line. What could be the reason to create the staticports.ini file and use it in the installation? A. You want to run the installer remotely. B. You want to run the installer in silent mode. C. You want to use this file instead o...
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