Rename the existing components in orainventory d

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Unformatted text preview: products are already installed on the computer. What would you do to avoid any installation problems that might arise due to the products that are already installed? A. comment the entry in oratab and oraLoc files B. remove the settings for TMP and DISPLAY variables C. rename the existing components in oraInventory D. remove the settings for ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables Answer: D QUESTION 113 As an Oracle Application Server administrator, you decide to set the UseCanonicalName directive to OFF in Oracle HTTP Server. What effect does this setting cause on the server? A. The server is forced to use Single Sign-On (SSO). - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 B. The server returns an error to every request that comes from the client. C. The server uses the host name and port values set in ServerName and Port in the httpd.conf file. D. The server uses the host name and port that the user specifies while redirecting the URL to the same server Answer: D QUESTION 114 View the Exhibit and examine the contents of the portlist.ini file. Which two statements regarding the portlist.ini file are true? (Choose two.) A. It is managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). B. It is available only on the host in which Portal and Wireless is installed. C. It is available only on the host in which OracleAS Infrastructure is installed. D. It contains port numbers reserved for all the components during installation. E. It is not automatically updated if you change the port number of a component after installation. Answer: D,E QUESTION 115 You want to install Oracle Application Server 10g middle tier that enables you to generate Web-based reports and authenticate users accessing the middle-tier components. Which components must you have installed before you start installing OracleAS Portal and Wireless? (Choose all that apply.) - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 A. Identity Management B. J2EE and Web Cache C. OracleAS Developer Kits D. OracleAS Metadata Repository Answer: A,D QUESTION 116 Exhibit: Which requests would be found in the Popular Requests page? A. most popular requests for the compressed documents in the cache B. most popular requests received by the cache since the cache was last started C. most popular requests received by the cache since the cache was first started D. most popular requests for the documents that have expired or have been invalidated Answer: B QUESTION 117 You are maintaining user information in the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) for authentication. You want to find out whether a user, STEVE, has the last name BENNETT. Which OID utility would you use? A. ldapbind B. ldifwrite C. ldapmoddn D. ldapcompare - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 Answer: D QUESTION 118 Some of the portal users informed you that they are able to open the SALES portal page but a portlet is not visible on the portal page. The portlet was visible the previous day. Moreover, the privileges assigned to the portal users were not changed. What could be the r...
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