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Unformatted text preview: 0-311 Answer: D QUESTION 35 You are working as an Oracle Application Server administrator and have deployed a Web application by using the following command: dcmctl deployApplication -file /private/compsal.war -a compsal -co pd1 -rc compsal Which statement regarding the command is true? A. The -rc option creates the compsal user with root privileges in the host. B. The -co option copies the application to the pd1 directory if it is already installed. C. The -co option determines the database instance in which the OracleAS Metadata Repository is stored. D. The -co option specifies the Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) instance to which the application will be deployed. Answer: D QUESTION 36 You are an Oracle Application Server administrator in an online bookstore company. The following are some of the pages that belong to the bookstore's Web site: You want to define Web Cache expiration rules for pages in the Web site. You discovered that a programmed expiration policy is not available for any of the pages. For which pages would you define an expiration rule using the Create Expiration Rule window? A. A, B, and C B. A, B, and D C. both A and B D. both C and D E. all four pages Answer: D QUESTION 37 You want users to execute CGI scripts in your Oracle Application Server 10g installation. Because of some setup restrictions in your installation, you cannot include Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 the Options directive in the Oracle HTTP Server configuration file. Which directive would you use to enable CGI script execution? A. Alias B. Files C. AliasMatch D. ScriptAlias Answer: D QUESTION 38 You set the following directives in the httpd.conf file to set up a virtual host: <VirtualHost> ServerName www.host1.com ServerAdmin webmaster@oracle.com StartServers 10 DocumentRoot /home/oracle/infra/doc ErrorLog /home/oracle/infra/error TransferLog /home/oracle/infra/log </VirtualHost> When you attempt to start the Oracle HTTP Server, it errors out displaying a syntax error in the VirtualHost container directive. On investigation, you observe that you have set a directive that is allowed to be used only in the server configuration context. Which directive would you remove from the VirtualHost container directive to start the Oracle HTTP Server? A. ErrorLog B. TransferLog C. ServerAdmin D. StartServers E. DocumentRoot Answer: D QUESTION 39 Your server crashed, and you had to reinstall Oracle HTTP Server on the same host. The URL for your host remains the same. You have a backup of the wallet file from the old server. The wallet contained certificates from Oracle Certificate Authority (OCA) as well external certificate authority (CA). How can you ensure that there is no impact on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates that you have been using? A. You need to just restore backup of the wallet file. B. You need to restore backup of the wallet file and get new certificates from OCA as well as an external CA. C. You need to restore backup of the wallet file and get a new certificate from an external Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-311 CA only. New...
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