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Unformatted text preview: chnology for Professional Accountants”, in I.E.P.S. 2. New York: International Federation of Accountants. Kelly, P. (2008) Towards Globo Sapiens: Transforming Learners in Higher Education, Sense Publishers, Rotterdam. Killion, J. and Todnem, G. (1991) “A process for personal theory building”. Educational Leadership, Vol. 48, No. 7, pp 14‐16. Krathwohl, D. (2002) “A revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy: An Overview”, Theory Into Practice, Vol. 41, No. 4. Lenard, M. J., Wessels, S., Khanlarian, C. (2010) “Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Computers and Performance in the Accounting Information Systems Class”, American Journal of Business Education, Vol. 3, No. 2. Macquarie University (2012) Peer Review of Learning and Teaching, viewed 26 Jan 2013, <http://staff.mq.edu.au/teaching/teaching_development/peer/> Mahani S. and Molki A. (2012), “Enhancing The Quality Of Teaching And Learning Through Action Research”, Journal of College Teaching & Learning, Vol. 9, No. 3. Mann, K., Gordon, J. and MacLeod, A. (2009) “Reflection and reflective practice in health professions education: a systematic review”. Adv in Health Sci Educ, Vol. 14, pp 595–621. McGuigan, N. and Kern, T. (2009) “The Reflective Accountant: Changing Student Perceptions of Traditional Accounting through Reflective Educational Practice”. The International Journal of Learning, Vol. 16, No. 9, pp 49‐68. McGuigan, N. and Kern, T. (2010) “Leaping over the perceptual threshold in accounting courses: embracing sustainable assessment and learning design”. ATN Assessment Conference: Assessment: Sustainability, Diversity and Innovation Plack, M. M. and Greenberg, L. (2005) “The Reflective Practitioner: Reaching for Excellence in Practice”, Pediatrics, Vol. 116, pp 1546‐1552 Rai, P., Vatanasakdakul, S. and Aoun, C. (2010) "Exploring perception of IT skills among Australian accountants: An alignment between importance and knowledge", AMCIS Proceedings. Ragan, J., Gantner, M., Caffrey, P. and Schultz, M. (2006) “A Teaching Case Using Cost/Benefit Relationships Within An...
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