E strahan what will technology do to financial

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Unformatted text preview: lson, “An Analysis of the Charter Value and Its Risk Constraining Incentives,” Journal of Financial Services Research, Volume 19, April/June 2001, pp. 185–196. 19 See, for example, F. S. Mishkin and P. E. Strahan, “What Will Technology Do to Financial Structure,” NBER Working Paper, No. 6842, January 1999. sau86198_ch01.qxd 16 Part One 4/21/02 8:52 PM Page 16 Introduction regulatory burden faced in supplying financial services in any given area. These demand, cost, and regulatory pressures are reflected in changing market shares in different financial service areas as some contract and others expand. Clearly, an FI seeking to survive and prosper must be flexible enough to move to growing financial service areas and away from those that are contracting. If regulatory activity restrictions inhibit or reduce the flexibility with which FIs can alter their product mix, this will reduce their competitive ability and the efficiency with which financial services are delivered. That is, activity barriers within the financial servic...
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