In addition bid ask buy sell spreads are normally

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Unformatted text preview: s and pension funds—household savers can reduce the transaction costs of their asset purchases. In addition, bid-ask (buy-sell) spreads are normally lower for assets bought and sold in large quantities. Maturity Intermediation An additional dimension of FIs’ ability to reduce risk by diversification is that they can better bear the risk of mismatching the maturities of their assets and liabilities than can small household savers. Thus, FIs offer maturity intermediation services to the rest of the economy. Specifically, through maturity mismatching, FIs can produce new types 5 For a theoretical modeling of the link between credible deposit contracts and diversification, see Boyd and Prescott, “Financial Intermediary Coalitions,” pp. 211–32. 6 Nevertheless, in the 1980s, 9 of the 10 biggest banking organizations in Texas also had to be closed, merged, or reorganized, in large part because of their undiversified exposures to the heavily oil- and gas-dependent Texas economy. 7 It might be noted that others have argued that diversification has costs for an FI in terms of fo...
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