By 1800 there were roughly equal numbers of

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Unformatted text preview: e room for European farming and enslaved native Africans to work for them. By 1800, there were roughly equal numbers of “Afrikaaners” and slaves in the Cape Colony. Cape Colony was seized by the British navy in 1795 as part of its world-wide war with France (allied Essentials of Modern World History. Wk 5: Africa, 1453-1914, © D. G. Rowley, 2004. Rev. 2011. 3 with Holland). It was officially transferred from Holland to England in 1815. 1815-1914 In 1815, there was only one real European colony in Africa—Britain’s Cape Colony at the southern tip. In addition, Great Britain owned outposts and controlled trade on the Gold Coast, and Portugal controlled the coastal regions of what is now Angola (in the west) and Mozambique (in the east). On the Mediterranean coast Morocco was completely independent, and Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, were technically provinces of the Ottoman Empire but were in fact independent. The rest of Africa was self-governing. In the interior, Africans knew little about the outside world. Until 1808, the economy of West Africa was dominated by the slave trade, but i...
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