Central africa central africa refers to the region of

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Unformatted text preview: s, textiles, and salt. Central Africa Central Africa refers to the region of Africa that is drained by the Congo River and through which the equator runs. In the interior of the continent it provides an extensive transportation network. There was considerable trade in salt, textiles, dried fish, iron, and copper, however, social organization was primarily local. There were no political units as large as the Kingdom of Benin or the Songhai Empire. The Congo River is not navigable from the Atlantic, because of rapids and waterfalls. As a result, the Congo region was not in direct contact with other regions of Africa, or the world, until after the Portuguese voyages of discovery in the fifteenth century. East Africa East Africa (from what is now Sudan to Mozambique) began to trade with the Middle East and India in the first century C.E. East African citystates traded spices, ivory, and gold for cloth, grain, sugar, and metal. Two of the most important citystates were Mogadishu and Mombasa. The ruling elites were of mixed Arabic and African descent, society was Islamic, and there was a steady influx of i...
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