France created a huge colony known as french west

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Unformatted text preview: im. However, by 1898, it had also been colonized by France, moving southward from Algeria. France created a huge colony known as “French West Africa,” which included not only the western Sudan, but most of Tropical West Africa as well. Tropical West Africa and Central Africa Nigeria After the British brought the slave trade to an end in the early nineteenth century, Britain’s principal economic interest in the Gold Coast was palm oil, which was used as a lubricating oil for industrial machinery. Difficulty of transportation and the prevalence of malaria kept Europeans out of the interior of tropical west Africa and British traders bought palm oil from African traders. However, after 1870, with the discovery of quinine (from South America) as a cure for malaria and the development of steamships, the British were able to travel up the Niger River to gain direct access to palm oil production centers. The Royal Niger Company was chartered in 1886 to unify all British trading companies, to control trade in the region, and to administer the territory. The principal resi...
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