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However the native kingdoms soon drove them out and

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Unformatted text preview: ed a series of slave-raiding expeditions. However, the native kingdoms soon drove them out, and Portugal—soon joined by Dutch merchants—settled for buying slaves at fortified trading posts on the coast, as they did on the Gold Coast. Europeans traded guns for slaves, which provide weapons for African kings to create armies to make slave-raiding missions against their neighbors. As a result, African kingdoms, based on the slave trade, arose in Central Africa as well as the Gold Coast. Elites in the African slave-raiding states prospered from slavery, and the population of Africa continued to grow—partly because of better nutrition due to the importation of corn and other New World foods, and partly because of the practice of polygamy. However, slavery was not good for the African economy in the long run because Africa did not develop its economic potential, and slaves remained its principal export. And, needless to say, slavery was a disaster for individual Africans who were enslaved. Th...
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