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In 1900 britain took direct control over the region

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Unformatted text preview: stance to Britain came from regional Muslim emirs, and, as they were defeated, Muslims fled north. In 1900, Britain took direct control over the region and sent Frederick Lugard to unify and administer the region. Lugard captured Sokoto, the capital of the old Muslim Sokoto Caliphate in 1903, and in 1914 Southern and Northern Nigeria were joined into a single colony, Nigeria. Traditional chiefs were left in power at the local level to administer the population according to custom. In the north there was no choice but to use traditional Islamic leaders, but in the south, where there was great ethnic diversity, the British chose the leaders of the weaker peoples to run local administration. In many cases they were not accepted by the local population, but they were kept in power by the threat of British military force. In the cities, the British introduced Western education, the English language became the language of administration and business, and Christian missionaries expanded their activities–but their success was m...
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