In the interior of eastern africa there were three

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Unformatted text preview: easserted Omani direct rule over Eastern Africa. In the interior of eastern Africa, there were three major kingdoms in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. From south to north they were: Rwanda, Buganda, and Bunyoro. They were agricultural societies. Over the course of the eighteenth century, a number of nomadic pastoralists, including the Masai and the Luo, migrated into the region from the grasslands of the western savannah, and came into conflict with the agricultural peoples of the east. They were not interested in conquering the kingdoms; but they periodically raided border farming communities. Southern Africa The first white settler colony (that is a territory where Europeans settled in large numbers and created a European society) in Africa was begun at Cape Town, on the southern tip of Africa. Ever since the Portuguese had first discovered the Cape of Good Hope in their search for a sea route to India, they had established a provisioning center for their ships, trading iron, beads, tobacco, and brandy for water and food. Cape Town was taken over by the Dutch, and in 1652 the Du...
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