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In the seventh century it was conquered by invading

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Unformatted text preview: In the seventh century, it was conquered by invading Muslim Arab armies. The population converted to Islam, and it has remained in the Islamic Arabic cultural sphere until today. Morocco, on the Western end of North Africa, was the first part of the world to experience the effects of European expansionism. In the mid-1400s, Portuguese explorers began to sail southward along the coast of Africa, searching for a sea route around Africa to India. They seized a number of ports on the coast of Morocco. The Sudan The Sudan, as a geographical region, is a broad band of savannah (grassland with occasional trees) that runs across Africa just south of the Sahara Desert. “Sudan” comes from Arabic and means “land of the black people.” [Do not confuse “the Sudan” with the contemporary nation called “Sudan” which is on the eastern end of this geographical region.] The region was first drawn into trade contact with the Mediterranean world by Muslim traders after the Muslim Arab conquest of Nor...
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