Probably 2000000 slaves unbelievers to islam the

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Unformatted text preview: uest to convert colony in Latin America. Probably 2,000,000 slaves unbelievers to Islam. The first jihad, by a pastoral were taken from Angola, alone. people, the Fulani, began around 1650 and at the Central Africa beginning of the 1700s, they had created an Islamic Although they could not seize territory on the theocracy on the West African savannah. mainland of Africa, the Portuguese were able to The Fulani empire was expanded in 1804 by a occupy some islands off the coast of Central Africa Muslim cleric, Usman dan Fodio who led the most where they established sugarcane plantations and important of the West African jihads. He established Essentials of Modern World History. Wk 5: Africa, 1453-1914, © D. G. Rowley, 2004. Rev. 2011. 2 sugar mills. They began to buy slaves from the mainland to work the plantations and mills. The demand for slaves increased in the 1500s as the Portuguese began to need workers for the plantations they were making in Brazil. In the 1570s, Portuguese armies were able to briefly gain a foothold in the Congo territory, and they launch...
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