That is europeans didnt just set up trading posts or

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Unformatted text preview: hern tip of Africa, was Colony. In 1895, Leander Jameson led a military force the first “white settler state” in Africa. That is, Europeans didn’t just set up trading posts, or even just into the Transvaal, expecting that the Uitlanders would rise up to join them. This didn’t happen, and conquer and rule a territory. Instead, they seized the Jameson’s Raid was defeated. land, drove the natives off (or enslaved them), and When Cape Colony continued to agitate among created a society modeled on the one they had come the Uitlanders, the Boers reacted with a counter-attack from in Europe. In the case of south Africa, Cape in 1899, when Transvaal and Orange Free State Colony had originally been founded by the military forces invaded Cape Colony. The Boers Portuguese, but it was the Dutch who settled it. The Dutch (also known as Boers, “farmers” in Dutch) had almost conquered Cape Colony before Great Britain acquired slaves, taken the best farmland, and created a was able to send reinforcements. But Britain was the world...
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