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The british allied with bugandan chiefs to conquer

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Unformatted text preview: the British gradually established their rule over the territory occupied by the Bunyoro in the north of Uganda. The British allied with Bugandan chiefs to conquer the north, and transferred a lot of territory from Bunyoro to Bugandan control. Bugandans were also appointed as local governors, to rule on behalf of the British. In1900 Britain imposed a tax on huts and guns and made the chiefs the tax collectors (for a cut of the profits). Members of the Buganda served as tax collectors and administrators for the other conquered tribes of the colony. In 1901 the British built a railroad from the coast to Lake Victoria. In order to make it pay, they sponsored the production of cash crops–especially cotton–to be shipped to the coast for export. No Europeans had seized land for plantations in Uganda, so agriculture was in the hands of family farmers. (Through World War I Buganda farmers were quite prosperous, but when the price of cotton fell and farmers wanted to grow other crops, the British rulers continued to s...
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