The administration was provinces the boers did not

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Unformatted text preview: l status with English, and they society, and there was considerable friction between allowed the Boers to dictate voting rights in their the British and the Dutch. The administration was provinces (the Boers did not allow non-whites to restructured in accordance with British political principles. Furthermore, the British abolished slavery vote). The Boers benefitted economically from their incorporation into the new nation, and they soon in 1833. This did little to improve the condition of dominated it politically. In fact, when Britain allowed black Africans, since the freed slaves were not given the Union of South Africa to become independent in land and were therefore economically dependent on 1910, the first Prime Minister was Louis Botha, the plantation owners who continued to exploit them. Nevertheless, freeing the slaves angered the Boers, leading Boer general in the war. and they decided to leave. In the “Great Trek” between 1835 and 1843, about 12,000 Boors migrated northward...
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