The created a british society in americaand they

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Unformatted text preview: ’s leading imperial power and had no trouble Dutch society in South Africa (just as the British defeating the Boers in conventional warfare. The created a British society in America—and they called Boers, however, refused to surrender and resorted to themselves “Afrikaaners,” or “Africans” just as guerrilla warfare. Britain used extraordinarily descendants of the British called themselves repressive measures, including concentration camps “Americans”). for Boer farm families, and they suppressed the Cape Colony was occupied by Britain in 1795 as guerrilla movement in 1902. part of its world-wide war with France, and in 1815 Because they were a white minority in South Cape Colony was awarded to Britain by the Congress Africa, however, the British and Afrikaaners (Boers) of Vienna. Because of its temperate climate and could not afford to continue as enemies, and the plentiful natural resources, British settlers began to British immediately worked to win the support of the move there and acquire land. Afrikaaners They allowed the Dutch dialect of The British settlers did not assimilate into Boer Afrikaans to have equa...
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