Their rulers only resisted the ottoman empire but the

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Unformatted text preview: homey, arose on the Gold Coast. Their rulers only resisted the Ottoman Empire, but the Portuguese, organized slave-raiding armies that preyed on as well. In the 1400s, as Portugal sailed southward neighboring regions in the interior of the continent. along the coast of Africa, searching for a sea route Even Benin, which at first refused to sell slaves to the around Africa to India, it had seized a number of ports Europeans, gave in because of the high prices offered on the coast of Morocco. Religious leaders in Morocco, by the Europeans. however, united against the Christian threat, and in All together, approximately 12 million slaves were 1578, Portugal was decisively defeated, and its shipped from Africa to the New World (9.5 expansion into Africa stopped. million—about 3/4—survived the voyage). However, The Sudan the height of the slave trade occurred between 1700 In 1464, the Songhai empire appeared in the and 1850, when 70% of the total number of slaves western Sudan. It was a powerful...
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