This continued until 1908 when thanks to publicity

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Unformatted text preview: the Belgian military. Farmers who did not deliver the required amount of rubber had arms or legs amputated. This continued until 1908 when, thanks to publicity generated by missionaries, the Belgian parliament took Belgium out of the hands of their king and managed it along more humane lines. Under the Belgian parliament the worst abuses of natives came to an end. But economic development—construction of roads, telegraphs, and railroads—benefitted Europeans not Africans. Plantations and mines were established, with Europeans as the managers and Africans the workers. Missionaries, particularly Roman Catholics (Belgium is a Catholic country), played an important role in providing medicine and elementary education, but virtually no secondary education was provided for the Congolese until after the Second World War. Eastern Africa The independence of the city-states of East Africa came to an end in 1837, when the Sultan of Oman conquered the region and once again extended Omani rule over Eastern Africa. This lasted only...
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