To clear the land the colonial government created

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Unformatted text preview: and established new colonies, displacing form the colony of Kenya, which the British planned to be a white settler colony. They invited Europeans to set up plantations. To clear the land, the colonial government created “reserves” to which native Africans were forced to move. Plantation owners needed labor, and self-sufficient Africans were unwilling to supply it. One way to force them to work was to place a cash tax on all unmarried men. This forced them to work on plantations or in white cities because working for whites was the only way to earn cash money. Another was pure force: in some cases local governors allowed the European settlers to demand compulsory labor from the natives. (This came to an end after World War I.) Essentials of Modern World History. Wk 5: Africa, 1453-1914, © D. G. Rowley, 2004. Rev. 2011. 6...
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