Tropical west africa the gold coast the kingdom of

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Unformatted text preview: ry one thousand miles wide. Tropical West Africa (The Gold Coast) The Kingdom of Benin began to form in the middle of the 1400s, centered on where the Niger River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It became a wealthy and powerful state as a result of contact with Portugal, who first reached the region in 1471, when they began to trade iron and textiles for gold. As a result of this trade, Benin became a wealthy and powerful nation, and Portugal became a major supplier of gold to Europe. Tropical West Africa became known as the “Gold Coast.” Portugal made several attempts to conquer Benin, but Benin resisted invasion, prevented Portuguese settlement, and dealt with the Portuguese through trading posts. The rulers of Benin also resisted the attempt by Portuguese missionaries to convert them to Christianity. The slave trade was a source of profit to African 1453-1815 rulers who took advantage of it. A number of African North Africa militarized, slave-trading states, such as Oyo and Morocco, on the Eastern end of North Africa not Da...
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