Uganda and kenya before the 1840s there had been

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Unformatted text preview: until the end of the century, when Britain, France, Italy, and Ethiopia carved the coast up into protectorates. Uganda and Kenya Before the 1840s there had been little contact between the trading societies on the East African coast, and the agricultural societies in the interior. In the 1840s Swahili-speaking, Muslim traders first arrived from the coast (on the Indian Ocean). The Buganda and Bunyoro traded cattle, ivory, and slaves for guns, textiles, and beads, and used the guns to fight one another and to defend against raids from the nomadic Masai and Luo peoples. The first Europeans in the region were explorers and missionaries. In the 1870s British Protestants and French Catholics converted many of the Buganda, but the two communities were very hostile to one another. In fact, Protestant and Catholic Bugandans fought for control of Bugandan politics. In 1892 Frederick Lugard invaded with British troops, helped the Protestants defeat the Catholics, and put Britain in charge. In 1894, Great Britain officially declared Uganda a protectorate. For the next two decades,...
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