On trade with the mediterranean world exchanging

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Unformatted text preview: state which thrived were transported. on trade with the Mediterranean world, exchanging Slave trade with New Spain was dominated by gold, ivory, and slaves for horses, textiles, and salt. Britain after its victory in the War of the Spanish However, the growth of the Songhai Empire Succession in 1713, in which Britain won a monopoly threatened Morocco, which defeated the Songhai (known as the asiento) on the sale of slaves to Spanish army in 1591. After this, the Songhai Empire colonies in the New World. The peak of the slave disintegrated. trade came in the 1780s when almost 80,000 slaves per The power vacuum in the west was soon filled by year were taken to the Americas, half of them Arabized tribes of the interior of the Sudan. Up to this transported in British ships. point, Islam had been spread by merchants who were Portugal, however, carried on its own slave trade tolerant of pagans, but the new military states between Angola, its outpost in Africa, and Brazil, its believed in jihad—wars of conq...
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