3- COMD 5070, Speech Science

Additional readings an additional pdf chapter is

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Unformatted text preview: 797- 4357 (797- HELP); 877 878- 8325; http://it.usu.edu; servicedesk@usu.edu • You will need a Windows or Mac computer. You will be downloading and installing two software programs to complete the projects, and this will not work on an iPad or similar device. • For this class you will need to make recordings with your computer. Most laptops these days have built- in microphones; if your does not have one, you can purchase a simple microphone for less than $10 online or at a local store. Textbook The text for this class will be Speech and Voice Science by Alison Behrman, second edition, published by Plural Publishing, ISBN- 10: 1597564818 | ISBN- 13: 978- 1597564816. You may purchase this book at the USU bookstore or online. Make sure you get the second edition! Additional Readings An additional PDF chapter is available in the library electronic reserve system, accessible by a link from Canvas. Lecture Notes Next to each lecture link is another that will allow you to download a PDF created from the lecture slides. I strongly recommend that you print out these files and take detailed notes on them as you watch...
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