3- COMD 5070, Speech Science

Completing the prerequisite courses assures that

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Unformatted text preview: a small incentive, in this COMD 5070 class you will receive 0.5% added to your final semester grade for completing a course evaluation at the end of the semester, IF at least 80% of the class completes the course evaluation. Otherwise, no extra points will be given. You will receive additional information via email from the university as end of the semester approaches. Course Grading: Component Points • • • • Reading Quizzes 700 points Software Projects 800 points Proctored Exams 3200 points Extra Credit +100 points possible Total Points 4700 (plus extra credit) Final grades are calculated using a percentage scale out of 100%. We will use standard rounding procedures: below .5 rounds down, above .5 rounds up. Grade Percentage Range Points • • • • • ...
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