3- COMD 5070, Speech Science

Notice that they are due on saturday evening at 1159

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Unformatted text preview: ts 2 Speech Movements 3 Speech Production Theories 1 13 Speech Production Theories 2 Speech Perception 1 Project Quiz Pitch/Loudness 1 Sound Waves 1 2 Digital Signals Digital Recordings 2 Acoustic Analysis 3 Voice Measures 4 Voice Measures 3 5 Vowels Vowels 4 Consonants 6 Consonants 5 Suprasegmentals 7 Speech Theories 6 Speech Perception 7 Speech Perception 2 14 Speech Perception 3 Speech Perception 4 Speech Perception 8 15 Unit 3 and Comprehensive Proctored Exam Course Activities: Readings & Quizzes There will be assigned readings for many of the topics. You will be accountable for reading these materials and assessed for comprehension through time- limited, open- book quizzes. There...
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