3- COMD 5070, Speech Science

Students should also include the check of their

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Unformatted text preview: against a deadline puts you at risk, so don’t wait until the last minute! Remember that the deadlines are Mountain Time. Midnight in Utah is 2 am on the east coast but 11 pm on the west coast. Since this is not a course that is tied to actual live class lectures spread over a semester, you have ultimate flexibility in completing the work on your own schedule. If you have a planned trip, a scheduled surgery, anticipate the birth of a child, etc. you are able to complete work as soon as you like, well ahead of the deadlines provided. All course requirements may be completed ahead of deadlines – but no deadlines will be extended. I have enabled all assignments, quizzes, and exams to open from the first day of class. I will not change deadlines for any one student – it would not be fair to the...
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