3- COMD 5070, Speech Science

These unit exams are all closed book no notes tests so

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Unformatted text preview: ns about the course content or the computer projects, or just post things that others might find interesting. Proctored Exams There are three proctored exams for you to take this semester. Please make arrangements to have your proctor approved by the University by using the online system. Alternatively, if it is difficult for you to access a proctoring site, you may use the ProctorU service. These are closed- book tests and make up the largest part of your grade, so please prepare thoroughly by following the advice in the next section. Study Tips and Other Suggestions • • • In many courses, you may be able to memorize items from PowerPoint slides using flash cards, so that you will recognize the important words on an exam. This will not work well for speech science. You need to really understand and apply the concepts to do well on the exams. A good way for you to check that you really understand is to try explaining what you have learned...
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