3- COMD 5330, Aural Rehabilitation

A student in this situation prior to making up the

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Unformatted text preview: financial aid. An incomplete grade may be granted only if the student has completed the majority of the course and is passing the class at the time. The student is required to complete the work by the time agreed upon (which may not be longer than 12 months). If no change of grade is submitted by the instructor within the prescribed period, the “I” will be removed and the letter grade originally submitted with the “I” will remain as the permanent grade for the course. Arrangements to complete the missing coursework are to be made directly with the instructor awarding the “I” grade, and in accordance with departmental and other USU policies. In the absence of the original instructor, special circumstances must be handled by the department head. Documentation of the reasons for granting an “I” grade and required work to be completed in order...
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